This Modern Campus in Makati Has a 96% Placement Rate for Students and Honestly, Sana All

In the current economic state where millions of Filipinos have lost their jobs because of the pandemic, how can future graduates make sure that they can secure working opportunities after college? That all their years of hard work in school can be put to good use and help them find a job in their field?

iACADEMY, a Makati-based institution that specializes in computing, business, and design courses, seemed to have figured it out for its students since it was established in 2002. The school, which offers Senior High and College programs, prides itself on its impressive 96% placement rate for its graduates. That means that a (very) high percentage of iACADEMY students are actually able to land jobs in the fields they studied.

How is a relatively young institution able to achieve such success with its graduates? Here are some of the reasons why.

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iACADEMY computer business information school MakatiImage: iACADEMY

Technology-focused courses

iACADEMY computer business information school MakatiImage: iACADEMY

A report from Jobstreet in March 2021 noted that it had 12,000 job openings for IT specialists. And that’s just on one job-hunting platform. Since the start of the pandemic, many companies have resorted to remote work, while most businesses had to set up or amp up their presence online. Because of this trend, the demand for web developers, IT specialists, software engineers, and other computer- and web-related professions also rose.

And with iACADEMY being an information and technology institution, it means that the school offers courses in fields that are currently in demand, and will continue to be in years to come. See iACADEMY’s complete list of School of Computing courses here.

Providing international certifications for students

iACADEMY computer business information school MakatiImage: iACADEMY

One of the reasons why iACADEMY sees so much success placing its students in their respective fields is because the institution makes sure they graduate with attractive portfolios. First, iACADEMY believes in the importance of real-world applications. Each program’s curriculum is designed to teach skills that students will actually use in real work settings. On top of that, iACADEMY equips its students with coveted certifications recognized worldwide. For example, Game Development students go through the Unity Certification, an international program that helps prove to potential employers around the globe that you possess a certain level of skill and expertise in your field.

Same goes for iACADEMY’s Music Production and Sound Design students, who go through training with Dolby and Avid Technology, world leaders in sound technology. Meanwhile, students in animation can get Toon Boom and Wacom certified.

A competitive internship program with industry leaders

iACADEMY computer business information school MakatiImage: iACADEMY

iACADEMY has over 200 industry partners, all of which are respectable organizations within their fields. iACADEMY’s students go through 960 hours of internship with these partner organizations (that’s about six to eight months of training!), so they could get an in-depth experience of working in their chosen industry. Many iACADEMY students get hired directly by the companies they intern with.

Vanessa Tanco, President and CEO of iACADEMY, said, “Our school stands in Makati, the business district of the Philippines. We align our courses with the industry. We create a close relationship with different corporate partners.”

Tanco also added, “Our school runs a lot of courses that are specialized. We regularly invite corporate partners for a school dialogue to help us improve our curriculum and delivery. We develop extracurricular activities to strengthen our students’ skills and better prepare them for the workplace. As a result, iACADEMY has a 96% job placement rate.”

A culture of care

iACADEMY computer business information school MakatiImage: iACADEMY

Aside from its innovative programs and modernistic approach to providing education to its students, what iACADEMY also wants to be known for is its culture of care. Not only does the institution want its students to become game-changers, it also encourages students to embrace their passion. There is an attention to detail towards its students, and support is also always provided to those who need it.

Vanessa Tanco shared, “We want to create more jobs, help communities grow, and be self-sufficient in this pandemic. Therefore, iACADEMY reaches out to corporate partners to offer jobs to our students who need financial support.”

“We not only seek to do things differently here in iACADEMY, but more importantly, we strive to make a real impact in the community by encouraging young minds to think outside the box, and hone their skills with the purpose of contributing to the development of society,” she added.

Check out iACADEMY’s website for its complete list of courses and to inquire!


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