This Mini Claw Machine Brings The Arcade Experience to Your Home

We’ve gone through almost two years with all of the arcades closed down. If you used to spend a lot of time playing arcades after school or during the weekends, then you must be missing the blinking lights, extreme noise, and thrill of winning your favorite games.

While we wait for the arcades to reopen, here’s something to keep your spirits up while being at home.

mini claw machine

Photo from Shopee

This is a mini claw machine game that’s easily available on Shopee! It’s a smaller desktop version of the iconic claw machine game in the arcades.

This mini claw machine works just like the normal-sized version. It includes a variety of controllers, plus a coin slot to make it work (and don’t worry, you can definitely keep the coins once you’re done with the game).

You can even choose which prizes to store in the game!

This cute claw machine is such a great way to keep yourself occupied while at home, and it’s definitely the next best thing for people who are already missing the arcades.

Buy this mini claw machine here!

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