This Millennial Ad Using Stock Footage Is Funny and Relatable!

When it comes to advertising, millennials are usually the target market so we see tons of commercials aimed towards them. And when it comes to material tailored for millennials, we see many familiar scenes: co-working spaces, multicultural friends laughing together, taking photos of food, and running around with colored smoke flares.

So when a distributor of stock footage decided to make a generic ad targeting this prized demographic (using their own material), we couldn’t help but laugh.

Watch it below:

The video pokes fun at millennial ads by using common tropes like people with different hair colors, the ukelele, and the peace sign. The voiceover also mentions how millennials are unique and are high on life.

Millennials are a demographic composed of those born in the early ’80s to the early 2000’s. The opinion on them has been largely divided, with one camp claiming that they are lazy, addicted to instant gratification, and have an inflated sense of self-worth. On the other hand, the other camp believes that they are passionate and changing how we approach the world through technology.

Of course, while the video above reflects advertising targeted towards millennials, it may not necessarily reflect millennials as a group.

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