This Meal Kit Delivery Service Makes Cooking More Convenient

Home cooking has been the go-to for a lot of us since we’ve been staying safe at home. There is the option of getting food delivered, but it can be a lot more expensive in the long run.

If you’re not yet confident to experiment in the kitchen with no guidance, or you want to explore more dishes but you have no idea where to start, this delivery service is the solution.

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KooKit is a food kit delivery service that will provide you with all the ingredients and instructions you need to cook your chosen meal in the safety of your home. They also offer it as a meal plan service that allows you to choose up to five meals from their menu of up to 10 dishes!

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They offer a customizable menu that can be adjusted according to your budget, requirements, preferences, and schedules.

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KooKit makes cooking at home more convenient thanks to their pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions. Before trying KooKit’s food kits, I have never experienced cooking with such ease!

You’ll literally just gather all the ingredients provided and cook according to the recipe. No more measuring, no running around looking for your spices, and no more confusion on recipe instructions. It’s super hassle-free.

You won’t even have to worry about buying your ingredients because you’ll have everything in the kit. You can also check from their website if there are ingredients not included, such as cooking oil, or salt and pepper so you can prepare accordingly.

It’s really the convenience that makes Kookit worth a try.

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They also change their menu every week, so there are more dishes to try! You can also choose the portions of the dish you choose, whether it’s for two servings or for four. There’s no problem with food waste, too.

Of course, it’s worth noting that the food itself is absolutely delicious. We loved having the opportunity to cook new dishes without having to worry if we’re doing it correctly or if we used the right ingredients.

With KooKit as a guide, t’s really easy to feel like a great cook at home.

Their meal kits start at PHP 1,000. This already includes your choice of 3 dishes good for 2 servings—so sulit! They currently cater to all areas of Metro Manila and nearby cities like Antipolo, some parts of Cavite, and Laguna for regular weekly orders.

If you want extra help in the kitchen, KooKit will definitely be a helpful friend.

PS. Watch out for their upcoming subscription plans soon!


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