This man whose dad left him as a child now has a youtube channel called “Dad, how do I?”

A Facebook post from user Chris Hart has garnered over thousands of shares because of the Youtube channel it promotes. “Dad, how do I?” dispenses some excellent “dadvice” about tasks around the house that one would typically approach their dad for. But the real heart of the story is the fact that the man behind the Youtube channel didn’t have a father (he walked out on them when he was 12) and now has 2 kids of his own. For all the kids who might not have that father figure in their life, this channel is definitely for you.

Check out his video about unclogging a bath drain and all. Where was this in college and I lived alone? What a king.

Since posting, the channel has doubled in subscriptions. We can only hope it keeps going!

This YouTuber’s dad walked out on his family when he was 12 years old. Now that he’s a father of his own two adult…

Posted by Chris Hart on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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