This man transformed his grandmother’s neglected house into a gorgeous private resort!

Perry Dave Binuya, a 31-year old from Cavite, noticed how his grandmother’s house, after she passed away in 2010, became neglected and worn down after no one stayed there. He was saddened by this, seeing how it was slowly filled with trash and forgotten by their family. To combat this, he dreamed of one day renovating the home. To make sure he could, he rented it for 10 years so he could keep it and one day work on it.

After being let go from his company because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided it was a sign to build the house and to finally chase his dream of renovating it.

He used up his savings in order to build the resort and he looks forward to it becoming his new source of income.

We look forward to his newest endeavor and wish him luck on his journey with Atara Lounge, the newest private resort around!

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