This Malicious Text Message Can Crash Your iPhone

A malicious text message has been found recently and it can cause iPhone devices to crash, The Next Web reported.

The text message is believed to be exploiting a critical bug on the latest versions of iOS.

The malicious text may be received via iMessage and it may look something like this:

iPhone Crash Malicious Text

The said text message can cause the messaging app to stop and can make the phone crash if it shows up on the notification screen.

At present, the malicious text affects iOS 7 and 8.

The Next Web added that a workaround for this is to send a photo or a piece of text to the original sender via the share sheet using another app.

Apple is looking into it and working on a fix.

If you are an iPhone user, best to be cautious of this text message.

What do you think might be causing the bug?

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