This kitchen studio in Marikina can be your next cooking playground!

All of us encounter food every day; the difference is the degree that we enjoy it. Whether you’re a foodie, a chef, or just a normal food eater, it can be fun to explore food in new ways. The Kitchen Playground is a great venue to experience food in all of its aspects.

Established in 2018, The Kitchen Playground is a kitchen studio in Marikina City that highlights the happiness that comes with food. They offer a lot of food-related services for all types of people.

“We offer a variety of Cooking Classes, Seminars and Workshops perfect for kitchen newbies and those who’d want to take their culinary skills and knowledge to the next level.”

If you’re thinking of a unique concept for a party or get-together, why not do a private cooking session? It would be a perfect bonding experience, especially if you’re a family of foodies, or you’re just a barkada who loves going out to eat! The Kitchen Playground can be your destination for your next hang out sesh.

For the growing culinary artists and food entrepreneurs, there are the Kitchen Studio and the Kitchen Commissary that are available for rent. These are huge spaces that are fully equipped with all of the tools and machinery you may need to create your culinary masterpiece. All you need to bring are the ingredients and you’re good to go.

The Kitchen Playground also offers catering and private chef services–perfect if you’re planning an event or a party.

This kitchen isn’t just about creating mouthwatering dishes or learning about the culinary arts. They also offer consultancy for food and beverages. They can help from feasibility studies of your chosen food products, product development, and up to product roll out! Food entrepreneurs will certainly find their business heaven in The Kitchen Playground.


This is playground is one for all ages. The Kitchen Playground will bring a new level of food appreciation for anyone who’d like to explore food even more. Because food is always meant to be fun!

Check out this food video that we shot at The Kitchen Playground:

The Kitchen Playground

Justice Tuazon, Marikina City
Facebook: The Kitchen Playground Manila
Instagram: @tkpmanila

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