This Kid Has an Amazing Cover of John Legend’s “All of Me”

This Kid Has an Amazing Cover of John Legend’s “All of Me”


This Kid Has an Amazing Cover of John Legend's All of Me


It’s safe to say that John Legend’s “All of Me” is one of the most played songs of 2013 and 2014. Who can blame the fans? It’s a sweet song that perfectly captures the idea of true love and all its dimensions. John’s wife Chrissy Teigen is lucky to have been dedicated a song this beautiful (but we’d like to note that John is lucky as well, as Chrissy is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covergirl).

We’ve heard countless covers of it on Youtube, the radio, and on singing competitions, but we’d like to share this beautiful cover from Jimboy Garcia, one of the contestants of The Voice Kids of the Philippines. The video was shared to us by one of our readers, who is also a fan of Garcia. According to Joevannie Espartero:


It is with immense pleasure that I will introduce to you in your page a kid who has this amazing voice and talent. A 13 year old boy from Dapdap, Paniqui, Tarlac and that is Jimboy Garcia. Actually, I’m an avid fan and supporter of this kid since his battle during the competition of The Voice Kids of the Philippines. During the said competition he showed his best in showcasing his magnificent voice and indeed catapulted as one of the finalists of the Sing Off Round in that competition. Nonetheless, even he did not won the title per se, he’s still this good heart to show and share his talent around the world especially to his supporters who really admire him in his pure heart in rendering whatever songs he sings.


And she’s right. Jimboy has a voice you wouldn’t expect from a 13 year old kid. Jimboy’s official Facebook page posted the video, with the caption:


This song epitomises what it means to be in love. The entire song points out that no matter what he’ll never see flaws with the girl that she loves, that is her perfect imperfections as to him he knows that he’ll be in love with her no matter what.


Joevannie shared the video with us, hoping to “inspire more people especially those children who have the ability to sing and to show their talent whatever it takes.”

Watch the whole video below:



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This Kid Has an Amazing Cover of John Legend’s “All of Me”