LOOK: This Keyboard Has Emoji Shortcuts and has the Cutest Colors!

Working from home or studying at home had led us to great workspace discoveries. The Logitech Studio series brought us some of the cutest products like the POP keys and POP mouse.

The Logitech POP mouse also supports an emoji shortcut. You can assign an emoji for the small button on the mouse through the Logitech software. If you don’t need quick access to an emoji, you can assign different shortcuts for the mouse button like mic mute or snip screen. Since we are all working from home or studying at home, the mic mute is God’s send, especially during meetings or classes.

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The POP mouse is also very compact and your palm can sit comfortably on top of it. It also has SilentTouch technology that makes each clock quiet.

The perfect pair with the Logitech mouse is of course the POP keys in the same colorway.


The POP keys is a mechanical keyboard with a beautiful retro design. It has 5 emoji keys on the keyboard which you can mix and match with the swappable emoji keys that comes with every set you buy. It’s also pretty easy to change the keys too!

We love mechanical keyboards and the Logitech POP keys have a crisp sound that would make you want to work or study more.

The design of the Logitech POP keys is not just pretty cute but also very comfortable to use. The scooped round keys match the shape of your fingertips so you can easily type.

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So here’s another unique feature of the Logitech POP keys. New shortcuts that will really change the way your use your computer. It features 12 new FN shortcuts like snip screen, voice-to-text, and mute.

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You can also seamlessly connect up to 3 devices without having to disconnect from the others. With a touch of a button, you can connect from your tablet, computer, or phone.

Your work or study area will help you

The Logitech POP Keys and POP mouse are available in different colorways like daydream (mint, vibrant yellow and lavender), heartbreaker (rose), and blast (black and classic yellow)- which is featured here.


You can get your own Logitech POP keys, POP mouse, and other products from the Logitech Flagship Store in Lazada & Logitech Official Store in Shopee, and other partner retail stores nationwide.

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