This Jungle In Thailand Is The Breeding Ground For Endangered Indochinese Tiger

There is evidence that the Indochinese tiger, which is critically endangered, is breeding in a jungle in Thailand, sparking hope for the survival of the animal, whose total population may be less than 300.

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Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation along with two private organizations announced photographic evidence of tiger cubs in eastern Thailand.

According to them, about only 221 Indochinese tigers are estimated to exist in two Asian countries, Thailand and Myanmar.

It is feared that tigers, which once ranged across much of Asia, are now extinct in the areas of southern China, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and much of Myanmar.

According to the statement by the groups:

“Poaching for the illegal wildlife trade stands as the gravest threat to the survival of the tiger, whose numbers in the wild have dwindled from 100,000 a century ago to 3,900 today.”

Indochinese tigers are smaller than Bengal and Siberian tigers.

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