This Jollibee Valentine’s Day Card Sums Up ALL Our Feels!!

Bye, Hallmark. This is all we need!

Artist Noelle Capili is making the waves on social media after she created this totally witty Valentine’s card that has tickled the fancy of every Pinoy romantic!!!

And really, what can get any more quintessentially Pinoy than Jollibee?

Because really — who hasn’t gone to a Jollibee chain and asked for their well-loved specialties such as the iconic Peach Mango Pie and the ever-lovable Chickenjoy, only to be told if you’re willing to wait a few more minutes?

Parang pag-ibig lang ‘yan, kahit gaano ka katagal maghintay, that person is worth the wait!

This Valentine’s Day card sums up all the feelings of the friend-zoned, the abangers, and the wishful thinkers that their crush would finally notice them after so long.

If you ask me, though? Screw boyfriends! I’d be willing to wait everyday if it meant getting my hands on a crispy Chickenjoy thigh!

Funny Jollibee Valentine's Day card

Guys, you don’t need any other Valentine’s Day card. All you really need is Jollibee’s face on it — consider him the ultimate wingman!

Thoughts on this? Naka-relate ba kayo?


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