This Jeep Asks You to Shout ‘Darna!’ When You Reach Your Stop

We’ve seen the jeep with free movie and Wi-Fi and the jeep with pamaypays to combat the heat, both of which put smiles on our faces with their ingenuity. However, you don’t really have to go that far to put a smile on a jeep passenger’s face.

Netizen Tonet Flores shared some good vibes with us today on her own Calumpit-Balagtas (Bulacan) route, where she came upon a jeep with this sign in it:

jeep darna

“Sumigaw ng Darna pagbababa.”

I’m not sure how seriously the jeep driver takes this sign of his, but I would definitely shout ‘Darna’ instead of ‘para’ just for kicks if I ever come across a jeep like this one.

Ridden in any similar feel-good jeeps lately? Share your experience with us! 🙂