This is What Anne Curtis Wants to Prove in Erik Matti’s Film “Buy Bust”

We may be seeing the “Princess of All Media” and one of our favorite hosts in “It’s Showtime” almost everyday with her sweet, sassy and glam look and vibe; but in her upcoming action-thriller film ‘Buy Bust’ directed by Erik Matti, Anne Curtis will surprise everyone as she shows a different side of her in the role of Nina Manigan. Note that this film was two years in the making with long hours of rigorous trainings, while she had many projects and events happening in her life at the same time.

In a press conference held last July 10, 2018, she reveals that she wants to prove something in the film. “Gusto ko patunayan sa pelikulang ito na kaya ng female lead gumawa ng action film.” [With this movie, I want to prove that a female lead can do an action film.]  True enough, most action movies here in the Philippines are heavily led by males, except of course superhero movies like Darna. “Sana this opens doors to a lot of actresses out there na, alam mo ‘yon, na kaya nyo din”, she added. [I hope this opens doors to a lot of actress out tehre that, you know, you can do it, too.]

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Buy Bust cast

‘Buy Bust’ is a movie about two squads of PDEA agents who are trapped inside a drug den while accomplishing their mission after being set up and betrayed, and everyone is at war against each other. Anne will play the role of one of the agents, so a lot of fight scenes with hand-to-hand combat.

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Despite the role being physically challenging, though, she says she really wanted to do it. “I am so hungry for a role and a film like this. Parang 2 years yata ako sa VIVA na wala akong ginagawang pelikula at script. [I think I was at VIVA for two years without a movie or a script.] So finally, this came up and it was a definite yes.”

She also shared the most challenging scene they made, “We did a 5-day rehearsal for one scene, it was a 3-min scene na one long shot lang.” She added, “It took us 57 takes and we got it right in a span of 3 days. Nung first day naming shinoot to, nasuka ako sa hirap, that’s how hard it is”. [During our first day of shooting, I threw up because of how hard it is.]

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Erik Matti, the director of the film, adds, “Isipin nyo lang, 3 minutes na akyat, baba, suntok, sipa in a scene na puro ulan (at) dadaan sya sa puro bubong, in 17 takes in one day, sometimes 21. Hindi sya madali e.” [Just imagine 3 minutes of going up and down, punching, kicking in a scene full of rain and on the roofs. It’s not easy.] Just imagining how Anne and the rest of the cast achieved this scene makes us even more excited to see it!

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It’s impossible not to get bruises and wounds while doing this kind of intense and gripping action film. Aside from getting those, Anne tells us that it was also the first time she ever got punched in the face by a man. “Hindi naman nya sinasadya, hindi lang nya natansya, so nasuntok ako sa mukha. At narinig ko yung ngipin ko, akala ko natanggal yung ngipin ko.” [He didn’t do it on purpose. He just timed it wrong, so I got punched in the face. And I heard my teeth. I thought my teeth fell out.] She said she wanted to cry, but she was the only girl on the set at the time. “Kahit gusto kong umiyak, pero dahil ako lang yung nag-iisang babae sa set, at gusto kong patunayan na kaya ko, hindi ako umiyak”. [Even though I wanted to cry, I was the only girl on set and I wanted to prove that I could do it; so I didn’t cry.] That’s our girl!

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Arjo Atayde, getting down from a military truck as part of Buy Bust’s casts bad-ass entrance, has a surprise role in the film

Starring alongside Anne Curtis are some of the country’s prominent and best-performing actors and actresses such as Brandon Vera, Victor Neri, Arjo Atayde, AJ Muhlach, Joross Gamboa, Noni Buencamino, Mara Lopez and more. Produced by VIVA Films and Reality Entertainment, this Erik Matti masterpiece will be shown in the Philippines on August 1, 2018.

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The poster itself is getting us excited to see it!

A quick fact we should be proud of as Filipinos: this film will get its world premiere on July 15 as it has been chosen as the closing film at the New York Asian Film Festival! Also, two international companies have joined forces to distribute the film internationally, XYZ Films and Well Go USA, the distributor of the movie “Train to Busan”.

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Anne Curtis, the cast, Erik Matti as the director, the action-packed plot of the film and the 2-year making of it are all why we should anticipate another Filipino masterpiece. Who else is excited to see it?