This Is the Souvenir PH Will Give World Leaders on APEC Summit


(Photo credit: Kenneth Cobunpue via

Filipinos are known as one of the most hospitable people in the world. Thus, it means we know how to treat guests well especially if we will be having some of the most powerful leaders in the world visiting our country.

Therefore, it can be expected that we will be giving classy souvenir for our guests to bring home.

According to APEC 2015’s website, the world leaders attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Manila next week will receive a Kenneth Cobunpue art piece each as souvenir.

Cobunpue calls the souvenir as “Sama-Sama,” which means “together” in Filipino.

The art piece shows a ” visual narrative of the APEC community’s cultural, social, and political diversity, the sculptures represent unity, partnership, and cooperation among the member economies.”

This limited edition art piece shows communities of people grouped around island formations representing member economies. It is made of brass and has yellow gold, pale silver, and warm copper finish that symbolize different races.


(Photo credit: Kenneth Cobunpue via

When looked at closely, it contains detailed figures that are linked to each other as they ascend to the top. As Cobunpue said, “towards the heavens.”


(Photo credit: Kenneth Cobunpue via

The souvenir will be encased in glass and then housed in hand-woven metal and buri (palm spine) carrying case with brass handles and clasp.

What do you think of the souvenir the Philippines is giving for the APEC economic leaders?