This is Not a Drill: Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ is Now on All Streaming Services!

Swifties, rejoice! Today is your lucky day. You can now stream Taylor Swift’s new songs from her ‘Reputation’ album nonstop on Spotify and Apple Music.

The singer-songwriter shared the good news earlier today on social media, saying that ‘Reputation’ will be “available tonight on all streaming services.” Well, morning here. And, yes, we’ve waited and we’re now streaming all 15 songs on the album from ‘…Ready For It’ to ‘New Years Day.’

Swift withheld her music from streaming for a certain period of time prior to a wider release, so we can all imagine the frustration of some fans who only depend on streaming services such as Spotify to listen to her songs. If you may recall, Taylor Swift only rejoined Spotify in June this year after leaving the music streaming service in November 2014.

Anyway, we’re happy to share that all songs from ‘Reputation’ are now available for listening. Happy streaming, Swifties!

Which Taylor Swift song is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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