This is not a drill! Mendokoro Ramenba is opening in Alabang!!

Photos from Molito Lifestyle Center

Southies!! You don’t have to make that trip up north anymore for your favorite ramen–it’s coming to you!

That’s right, Mendokoro Ramenba is now opening up a branch in Molito. I felt the collective sigh of Southies everywhere who are looking for their favorite ramen in Makati (and recently BGC).


love ramen. I especially love Mendokoro ramen. And so now I have a reason to visit my friends in the ~*South*~ (aside from Yushoken, of course). *Cue pointing Spider-Man meme for Mendokoro and Yushoken*

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As a northerner (well, middle-r #MandaluyongGang), I feel victory for my Souther brethren. While braving the traffic to Mendokoro has been a journey I have enjoyed through the years, it is no longer necessary for the Alabang enthusiasts. We wonder if it’ll be the same format or bigger like the BGC branch.

We wonder a lot of things. We’ll find out tomorrow evening!

So exciting!

Can anyone say oishii (delicious)? Congrats, South friends!

Will you be lining up for Mendokoro? Let us know!