This Is How Your Business Can Attract More Consumers

Words by Jesh Orquina / Graphics by Jillian Bueno

Whether you’re just starting a business or already have one, it’s important to know the necessary steps to take in order to gain more consumers. Nowadays, social media plays a vital role in the success of brands and businesses. Because of this, the importance of hiring a good community manager is higher than ever.

A community manager is responsible for a lot of things, namely: content creation, social media marketing, events and events planning, public relations, customer relations, communications strategy, analytics, and business development.

So yes, community managers do much more than just post on the business’ Facebook or Instagram page. Given the number of responsibilities, it is important to make sure that your business’ community manager possesses the right qualities to successfully accomplish his/her job.

Digital Marketer Kankan Ramos revealed the 10 qualities a community manager must have:

The ability to enable the community

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A community manager must be able to continue the message of the brand while empowering the community. They must know which content and what content type to post in order to gain reactions from the audience.

Strong communication skills

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This one is pretty obvious, but it is often overlooked. A community manager should be able to communicate clearly and effectively with consumers. Make sure that your community manager knows how to speak through social media without running the risk of being misinterpreted.

The ability to listen, add value, and build relationships

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It’s important to listen to what your community is saying. A community manager must be able to properly react to feedback. They must also know how and when to react to what the community is saying.

Organization skills

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Given everything a community manager has to do, they must have good organization skills. Social media doesn’t sleep. Consumers might message your Facebook page at 3 am. Your community manager must know how to properly schedule the day in order to meet everything that has to be met.

Multi-tasking skills

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A community manager is everything at once: a content creator, a social media manager, a public relations officer, etc. Being an efficient community manager is only achievable by having the specific skills needed for each area.

Good judgment

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As a representative of your business, your community manager must be able to intelligently answer consumers and accurately answer their questions. Your community manager must be able to remain level-headed even when under pressure or when dealing with a difficult customer.



To communicate effectively with the audience, your community manager must know the type of people who make up the audience. They must be able to share the feelings of the customers. When handling a complaint, the community manager must understand where the customer is coming from in order to properly respond.



It’s obvious (and really annoying) when a business simply copy-pastes its response for every customer. When the customers know that they’re talking to a real person who hears them out, you are able to build a better relationship with them.

A background in analytics


Your community manager doesn’t have to be an expert in Data Science but they must know the basics of analytics. They must at least know the terms (e.g., impressions, reach) and be able to interpret the data in order to create better content.

Dedication and passion


All of the skills mentioned above are useless if your community manager has no passion for your brand. Make sure that your community manager is dedicated to the brand, as well as building the brand and its community.

Building connections with consumers is a must for a successful business. If you don’t have a community manager yet, make sure to look for the 10 qualities mentioned above when interviewing candidates. Best of luck to you and your business!

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