This is a must-read for anyone planning to visit the newly reopened Boracay

Boracay has always been a popular destination for the big holidays. From labor day to Holy Week, Boracay is a top pick for anyone looking to get out of the city. So if you’re considering the recently re-opened island for your New Year’s plans, you should know that there are new rules for tourists.

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According to their LGU, there are several new regulations for the island, but we’ve listed the ones most relevant to you and your vacation plans.

5. Hotel reservations are necessary to enter Boracay

The Department of Tourism has set up checkpoints in Kalibo and Caticlan for tourists. Before going through to Boracay island, you will have to verify your hotel reservation with them. A confirmation number should be given to you by your hotel to gain entrance to the island.

4. Smoking, drinking, and eating is now prohibited along the White Beach

Any of these three activities are now disallowed in order to maintain the clean-up effort of the beachfront. Any of these can still be done in your hotel or other private establishments.

3. The number of hotels has been significantly reduced

The total list of available hotel rooms on the island has fallen from 12,000 to around 9,000. A constricted number of rooms points to scarcity, meaning that it would be better to book your hotel rooms very early on. There is a high chance of them being fully booked.

2. Fireworks are banned

There will be no pyrotechnics to reign in the New Year. But what you’re giving up in terms of visuals and noise, you’re getting back with a cleaner and safer Boracay.

1. All businesses have a distance requirement from the shore

This new rule applies to all kinds of businesses: restaurants, souvenir shops, and even hawkers. This only means that those hair-braiding stations and your favorite cafes have had to push back their operations by a few feet.

While these new rules might be a hassle, we have to remember that it all has a purpose. We might not be getting back the same “wild” Boracay that’s known for its parties, but it’s lucky we’re getting Boracay back at all.

What do you think of these newly implemented rules? 


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