This Instagram Hotspot Turned Viral By Using Visual Illusions

If you know anyone who’s been to Bali in the past few years you’ve probably also seen their amazing photos on the island paradise. One of those photos is most likely a shot of them in the famed Lempuyang Temple.

This is the location where you’ll see people posing in between two walls with clear waters stretching out before you.

Known for the ethereal reflection the water by the pillars gives off, it’s been nicknamed the “Gates of Heaven”. However, it turns out that breathtaking view isn’t caused by water at all. Instead, the reflection that is so clear it could be a mirror… is actually a mirror. 

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This revelation became viral when Polina Marinova, editor of Fortune Magazine, tweeted about it on her personal account. She posted the photos she took herself when vacationing in Bali and talked about her own surprise upon encountering the scene: 

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While the surprise is somewhat of a disappointment, many tweeted about how they were impressed at the industry of the locals in taking advantage of the tourism business. Others commented on how the temple remained a worthy sight to see, and beautiful regardless of the presence of water. 

What was your reaction to finding out about the illusion?