This House Is For Rent At P3,000 — But With One Catch…

It isn’t easy living in the city. Monthly rent rates for apartments are going up, real estate lots are dwindling, and condominium prices just keep on getting more expensive. It’s challenging having to look for a place near where you work, which means more often than not you end up having to brave through the hellish commute, packed jeepneys and trains and all. Every. Single. Day.

But what if we told you that you can rent a house for JUST P3,000?! It comes with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and one dining area. There’s just one problem… for this, you’re going to have to take a look for yourself.

Jan Michael Lachica posted quite the photo that is sure to ward off drunks and those with weak legs. While the ad says “Bawal sa lasinggero”, we’d like to add a couple more things on that list, too:

  • Bawal sa may problema sa puso
  • Bawal sa hikain
  • Bawal sa matanda
  • Siguraduhing kasya sa loob

So, rent at your risk, I guess?

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