This Hotel Just Hired An Adorable Former Guide Dog As Their Concierge

If you ever find yourself at Melbourne Park Hyatt Hotel in Australia, then get ready to be charmed upon check-in because their concierge is the goodest boy ever.

The hotel just hired its first-ever dog ambassador, who is the adorable and friendly Mr Walker, a blonde labrador!

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Mr Walker apparently changed professions, as the 18-month-old lab used to be a guide dog, which means he won’t have problem assisting people with their needs in the friendliest way ever!

This good boy is a hardworking dog, with “official duties” including greeting guests at the lobby and attending client meetings, according to the hotel’s press release. Guests can even walk with Mr Walker around the parks and gardens within the hotel premises. Oh, and he has his own Tasmanian Oak Bed he likes to lounge in during his breaks.

BRB, booking a flight to Australia.

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