This hotel in the heart of Makati made me feel like I could go anywhere–all for under PHP 2000!

St. Giles Hotel made me feel like I was in the middle of the world, like I sat on the throne of the universe and could make it anywhere. Situated in the heart of Makati, just a few steps down Makati Avenue, was this beautiful, comfortable hotel that made me feel at home immediately. With its high ceilings and warm staff, I knew I was going to enjoy my stay the moment I stepped inside.

St. Giles 11

St. Giles’ catchphrase is #BeCentral and we couldn’t agree more. It sits right in the middle of all these bustling areas that going out for dinner or drinks comes with a plethora of options. Poblacion, Century City, all these places just a stone’s throw away. It brings you the comfort of knowing that you’ll never run out of options. St. Giles prides itself on its location and not just here but in its other branches all over the world. They will always be at the center of a busy area, the crowned jewel of a bustling metropolis.

Upon check-in, I was already excited for all the adventures I could go on. I could go out with my girls for a drink at Poblacion or just have a cozy movie by myself in the nearby malls. I could even just #treatmyself and go on a shopping spree. Nothing was too far away. And I loved that about this hotel. And, if going out doesn’t seem to be so tempting for you, it’s also a fantastic place to just stay in. Its comfortable interiors, gym, in-house restaurant, and pool served as enough entertainment for me, as well.

St. Giles 1

St. Giles 2

This towel elephant is the cutest thing ever, btw

I had a blast just exploring every nook and cranny of this hotel but what I loved the most was the roofdeck area with the pool. Not only was it refreshing, it had this beautiful view of the Makati skyline that anyone would be jealous of. It boasted the colorful roofs of buildings, stretching from end to end. We imagine this is a romantic place to watch the sunset after taking a dip in the pool or a trip to the gym.

The view from here is absolutely breathtaking. Whether you’re with family, friends, or a special someone, we’re sure you’ll find yourself sighing from what you’re going to take in. Pro-tip: Sunset. Absolutely gorgeous. I had a sentimental moment alone where I realized so many things. It’s like they up the mood for you to contemplate–and I love it. What an experience.

St. Giles 5

St. Giles 6

And what makes the hotel experience even better? Why, food of course! There’s nothing quite like a warm, happy stomach to top off a happy stay in a hotel. You’re pampered head to toe with the comfortable bed, the amazing bathtub, and the incredible view from the roofdeck, it’s time to make your palate happy. And what better way than to indulge in the BayLeaf restaurant’s very diverse menu?

St. Giles 3

You have the choice of eating at the restaurant–another beauty in itself–or dining in-room for those days you just wanna put a bathrobe on and lounge around in your hotel room (I feel those I resonate most with those days, tbh). Either way, you have a stellar menu that features different cuisines, all cooked to perfection. My personal favorites? The laksa and the salmon. But there were plenty of choices that I still didn’t get to try–maybe for next time? 😉

St. Giles 10

St. Giles 9

St. Giles 7

I need sal-more of this salmon in my life

And no stay is complete with a bit of alcohol. The bar is perfectly stocked with all your favorites. You definitely don’t have to look very far for a little bubbly!

St. Giles 4

Overall, whether you’re venturing out into the great unknown of Makati or you’re staying in, St. Giles is a fantastic and comfortable option. It’s a place for everyone–whether you’re adventurous or just want to stay in, it’s a great option. And it won’t break the bank either! Imagine being at the very heart of Makati, its most energetic, fun places in arms’ reach, for PHP 2000. We definitely get why their catchphrase is #BeCentral. Because not only are you in the center of such a busy place where all the fun happens, you also feel like you’re at the center of the world with how they pamper you. And I definitely don’t mind that! In St. Giles, you feel like royalty with everything at your fingertips.

St. Giles Hotel

Makati Avenue, Corner Kalayaan Ave, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila

(032) 988 9888