This hilarious podcast will have you debating alongside its hosts

Need a new podcast to listen to? Maybe this super funny one will be right up your alley! A group of friends (Lyza, Mikee, DJ, and Jeff) decided that their conversations were so engaging and really dive deep into issues that divide the country. So there’s comedy and yet there’s also commentary, making it a funny but insightful podcast that can capture the attention of many. The podcast is named DE-BA-TE Podcast and it has three origins: “Diba, ‘te?” when you want to prove a point, “Di bati which is what happens when you disagree, and “De-bati” which is… different. IYKWIM.
Although topics are tackled in debate format, it’s never a heated argument, just friends discussing and respectfully trying to educate one another. They talk about anything and everything: From love to heartbreak, walwal, pop culture, etc.
These four friends are really stirring things up with their conversations and we really enjoy them! I hope you do, too!
Catch the podcast here:

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