This Hilarious Pic Pretty Much Sums Up The Horrible Traffic in Manila

The phrase “traffic in Manila” is an understatement. In fact, it is everyone’s worst conundrum. Honestly, we cannot do anything about it as yet. Unless you put humor in it, just like what this lady did. A photo emerged online that shows her packed lunch on her lap with a witty caption:

“Sobra na nga siguro ang traffic. Nakapaghimay na ako ng hipon na ulam ko.”

Netizen eats lunch due to traffic

Photo credit: Asher Bizelle

Not sure if she was being sarcastic or humorous but her photo was also shared by TopGear Philippines. The comments were hilarious!

Eager to know the story behind the picture, I sent her a private message on Facebook. On a quick chat with her, she shared how horrible the traffic was at that time.

In verbatim, she said: “1 hour in Soliven, Antipolo. Traffic is because of the intersection na walang traffic enforcer, hence unahan sa pagtawid. So, naka stop talaga yung kotse and paunti-unti yung galaw. I was from Marikina going to Antipolo this morning.” ????

I also shared how I endured the 3-hour traffic from Sucat to Ortigas! She further stated that there’s no such thing as “rush hour” anymore. “Wala ng rush hour, 24/7 traffic na talaga,” she said. “I live in Fairview actually, takes me 2.5-3 hours to go to Makati. Approximately 3 kms lang yung 1-hour traffic ko kanina hahaha,” she added.

Although, there’s news that allegedly reported traffic will ease up soon, it still looks like every hour is a rush hour!

Oh well, thanks for the good vibes, Asher! 🙂

How about you: how do you keep sane when you’re trapped in the traffic? Share your tips by commenting below!