This Heritage Brand Colors The Future

By Evanna Chan

Reconnect with art in its most nostalgic forms and surprise yourself with the ways you can innovate the future. Sakura Japan and National Bookstore bring you “Coloring The Future,” a one-day event where we celebrate the endless possibilities of art in the future by reminiscing about the simplicity of art in our past.

We’ll feature DIY coloring pages, floral watercolor techniques, a fluorescent glow-in-the-dark art gallery, and so much more! This event will highlight the Sakura products you know and love while introducing you to new ways on how to to use traditional art supplies. The workshops and live demos from our artists made especially for you are all for free! The idea is to let go of the stigma that art is a niche market where we’ve seen and experienced for ourselves through our past art classes and workshops, and that art really is for everyone. This year, we think it’s time for artists and artists-at-heart to experience art in a different light – literally.

Join us at Shangrila Plaza, The Grand Atrium on August 4, 2018, Saturday as we celebrate 35 years of the world-class quality of Sakura Coloring Products.

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