This Hercules muses medley will make you rethink who should play the muses in the live action!

Ever since news broke that Hercules would get its own live-action movie, fans have been fan casting left and right. From Glee’s powerful Amber Riley to superstar Lizzo, the muses have been especially debated about, with fans demanding certain stars for the ever-popular chorus. It’s definitely easy to see that these roles need to go to those with fantastic voices and even better vocal control–those notes aren’t going to reach themselves!

Which is why when this video from Michael Korte resurfaced, people were quick to clamor for them. Voices? Check. Control? Triple check!!! Crazy how they can hold those notes, much less reach them. What a fantastic group of talents.

And yes, it sounds even better than expected. My little compliments aren’t doing the entire number justice.

Please do yourself a favor and watch this today. Video below:

What did you think? Amazing? Stupendous? We love them so much!

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