This heartwarming letter thanks all the heroes in our hospital housekeepers!

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been an outpour of expressions of gratitude to everyone working in the medical field, especially doctors and nurses.

We can’t thank them enough for taking care of those who are sick and doing their best to save as many lives as they can.

Although our applauses and words of thanks may not be enough, these still go a long way for people braving the world that is being battered by the new coronavirus.

However, Mannix Pelingon took a different route when it comes to thanking people in the front line.

On his note on Facebook, he thanked people who work behind the scenes — the hospital housekeepers, janitors, and cleaners.

He wrote:

I overheard the conversation of our hospital housekeepers this morning. One of them narrated how these few days he has to wake up early and go home late since their workload increased as they need to wipe the handrails, door knobs, and elevator buttons every hour with disinfectants on top of their regular house keeping works. The other one said, “It’s ok. We endure a little. Our sacrifice and difficulty are no match compared to our nurses and doctors. They take care of us, we take care of them.”

My heart melted with the conversation.
Yes, healthcare workers are the heroes of the people while the housekeepers/janitors are the heroes of the healthcare workers. You are vulnerable and exposed to Covid-19 too, yet you brave the danger to keep everyone safe.

To all the Hospital Housekeepers/cleaners/janitors,
Thank you for keeping our hospital clean and safe for the healthcare workers and patients alike.

Thank you! <3

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