This guy surprised his S.O. with a personalized music box, and we’re KILIG!

What can get more romantic than showing your love through sounds? Renz Pural surprised his lady love with a music box he put together by himself.

The music box is enclosed with a photo of him and her dancing during her debut, the small mechanism (the music box itself) on the right, the lyrics of the song and a poem he wrote for her on the left.

“My idea of creating a music box all started when this woman that I’ve been courting named Lia shared a video on Facebook about a music mechanism that plays her favorite song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Ever since, she’s been strongly hinting that she wanted something like that for her 18th birthday.
I tried to search for one but due to the scarcity of the said mechanism, I was unable to give one on time. For months, I’ve searched for it and finally I finally found one overseas, although the transaction was a bit chaotic due to the language barrier, the package arrived safely after a few weeks and from then on I started my ambitious project of making a music box for her,” he shares to WHEN IN MANILA.
Pural narrates the challenges he faced but also enjoyed while making his sweet surprise. Lia actually studies in Naga City while he’s based in Manila.
“This was the first time I made an something like this but I just always kept on thinking that what I am doing is for Lia’s happiness especially that we are far from each other. The music box is a way for us to emotionally connect even if we are physically away from each other. The music box was a way to lessen the impact of the physical distance in our relationship. When I finally finished it, boy, I was so proud of my work because all of it was manual labor. I had to manually measure the box, drill the holes, position the music mechanism, make the music sheets and many more. I released my inner engineering personality even though my course for college is more on the medical side.” (Writer’s note: he’s majoring in pharmacy.)

“The day came when I was ready to go back home to Bicol with the music box in hand and finally give it to her. She had no idea what was coming to her. She thought I brought her cute phone cases because that was what she was asking for “pasalubong” and she was so excited for it. She had no idea that I finally have her music box after a few months delay and when she saw it, she instantly cried like a baby. Her face was a mixture of crying and smiling.”

Pural explains the joy he felt when he saw her reaction.

“I’ve never seen her that happy before. She was so fascinated and amazed at what I have done. I posted it on Twitter with only the intention of letting my friends see it and unknowingly to me it blew up so fast. My music box garnered a lot of reactions from the netizens but mostly they were in awe at the effort I’ve made.”

He was even overwhelmed with how his post on Twitter “blew up” and how he has never seen netizens “so supportive”. He describes the feeling as “nakakataba ng puso”.

“Since that post and receiving support from many others, it just made our (Lia) love stronger for each other. People we have never met before are so supportive of us telling us to be strong, keep loyal, stay in love and many other wonderful things. I’ve made this music box with the intention of making 1 person smile but I ended up letting 20,000+ people smile and to be honest, it left me speechless. It was also a blessing on my end that I was able to touch the hearts of many.”

“Each song represents a specific mood like. For example, “play this when you miss….” I programmed it to play Everglow by Coldplay because it is one of my favorite songs to listen to and other songs include “How Far I’ll Go”, “Beauty and The Beast”, “Samson”, and lastly her favorite song – Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’. I plan to make her more songs along the way.”

Pural shares some love advice to WHEN IN MANILA.

“I hope I inspired other people that if you truly love someone, you’ll do everything for them. Going the extra mile just to see them smile despite how hard or difficult it is as long as you love that person, everything’s gonna be all worth it.”


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