This Guy Keeps on Surprising Her Girlfriend and Her Startled Reaction is Adorable!

This guy keeps on surprising her girlfriend, showing up randomly to give her coffee, and her startled reaction is so adorable.

Chris Melberger posted on his Facebook page a compilation video of the times he surprised his girlfriend, Shan Dude.

The video was such a hit and it was even posted on image sharing site, Imgur.

note: she gets really startled/surprised because we live two hours away from each other and she had no clue I was gonna be there. she loves surprise though which is why i did it in the first place hahaSource <a rel=”noreferrer nofollow” target=”_blank” href=”″></a>/

On his Facebook page, Melberger said:

Bf surprises gf (1)

Also, although it’s off-topic, some may be intrigued that his girlfriend is of Filipino lineage. Apparently, she is.

Bf surprises gf (3)

What are the sweetest surprises that you’ve done or ever done to you?

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