This Guy Just Got A Year’s Worth Of Free Chicken Nuggets AND Broke Twitter Record!

If you love scrolling through Twitter, you may have seen this tweet pop up on your timeline:

This was a tweet by a dude named Carter Wilkerson who asked for help from Twitter to get himself some free nuggets from Wendy’s.

Of course, Twitter immediately made its move to help the man get his nuggets.

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On Tuesday, a month after he posted the tweet, the Guinness World Records announced that Carter’s tweet had just broken the world record for most retweeted tweet!

This was a record previously owned by Ellen DeGeneres whose legendary Oscar selfie caused a stir in the interwebs.

And now, that record is held by a man who just wanted chicken nuggets. The internet is just awesome, isn’t it?

Wendy’s congratulated Carter for his record-breaking tweet:

Of course, with 3.5 million retweets (instead of the 18 million deal), the question still remains: did he get the free nuggets?

Wendy’s was quick to answer:

Yes, he did. He got the nuggets.

This is what the 21st century brings us, ladies and gentlemen! Strangers coming together on the internet to get a man his free nuggets.

At least we know there’s solidarity in humanity!

What would you do for free nuggets? Share it with us!