This Guy Brings ‘Saan Aabot ang Vacant Mo’ to a Higher Level – Up in the Air in DUBAI!

A few weeks back, the “saan aabot ang vacant mo” has become a thing on social media.

Students from all over posted their photos traveling in different places wearing their school uniform.

One of the most popular versions was this guy who went to Paris and traveled around the city in his uniform.

One of our readers, Stanley Ang Lee, shared with his own version of “saan aabot ang vacant mo”.

Where did he go?

He went up in the air onboard a “Cessna 208 seaplane from school to Dubai”.

Here’s his story:

Stanley is a 19-year-old Air-Transportation student from the PATTS College of Aeronautics. He gave his own version of the trend “saan aabot ang vacant mo” where he boarded in Cessna plane and took off around Manila area. He ended up arriving in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

He also said that he saw it in Facebook’s latest trend “Saan Ka Dadalhin Ng Vacant Mo”. Students from different schools have been giving extra efforts to contribute to the creation of this viral buzz on social media where they seem to travel around the world with their uniforms on during their vacant time at school. I thought of Bringing my uniform to Dubai to spend my summer with my Mom

He added, “I thought of bringing my uniform to Dubai to spend my summer with my Mom Leahme H. Ang Lee  and spend time together with my Tita Claudine and Tito Alfred to different places (tourist spots) like Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari, Dubai water sports, and many more… but the most awesome experience was with Cessna 208 Seaplane. I saw the aerial view of Dubai and Abu Dhabi by taking the sea chartered plane. I don’t know what to feel coz I was in the front seat just like co-pilot. Soon, I’ll be! YEAH! Co-pilot with the Captain, how about that?”

“As an Air transportation student… it’s really awesome!!!”

“Di ako makapaniwala, Nag-nboard ako sa Cessna plane akala ko manila lang ikot namin, Dubai na pala narating ko,” he ended.

Here are some photos he shared with us.

viral vacant dubai (9)

Tara lipad tayo habang vacant…

viral vacant dubai (3)

Hala. Nasa Dubai na pala to? Ang ganda!

viral vacant dubai (7)

Sulitin na. Burj Khalifa po. Ganda naman nito.

viral vacant dubai (5)

Ang tagal ng train. Marami pa ako gusto puntahan.

viral vacant dubai (1)

Ganda talaga dito. Drop by at Dubai Yatch Club.

viral vacant dubai (8)

Natuwa sakin. Gusto din daw mag enroll sa PATTS.

viral vacant dubai (6)

Hindi to kumpleto pag di tayo nkapunta nang disyerto.

viral vacant dubai (2)

Hatid na ako pauwi. May next class pa. Abot pa kaya to????


You, “saan aabot ang vacant mo” ?