This green-thumbed father planted cacti that look like demogorgons and are taller than people!

We’ve heard of green thumbs but this father takes it to the next level. He even has a green house. Not a greenhouse, mind you, but a green house. His home is covered in plants and greens! Check it out!

Dads House

Not only that, but he has a passion for growing cacti and all sorts of plants! He’s been so dedicated to them–literal years of love and care–that they grow in fantastic ways. One of them now looks like a demogorgon straight out of Stranger Things. Look at it below:

the starfish cactus

And another has grown so tall, it towers over other people with ease!

the tall cactus

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He cares for the plants all by himself–no landscaper or gardener needed. His daughter was sweet enough to share some words about him, too, saying:

My dad has different plants and trees too. He enjoys gardening because of its therapeutic benefits plus the relaxed and refreshing atmosphere it provides. And also, these plants never fail to bring a level of satisfaction and joy to him most especially when they bud and bloom. He spends so much time in his garden working and arranging these plants applying the elements of hues, volume and massing.

IMG 20200920 173613

dad with the cactus when it was still small

Check out the daughter’s Facebook post below:

How cool are these plants? Amazing! We’re in awe of this talent. Keep growing!

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