This Girl Got Belittled By Her “Friend” For Applying as a Call Center Agent

The BPO or Business Process Outsourcing was able to hire approximately 400, oo0 employees, and continues to grow to date. Because of this initiative, the country’s economy went up, as well as, everyone’s self-esteem. Having said that, working at a call center is not a “no-brainer” job nor a “dead-end” job, but rather a privilege to sustain a better lifestyle.

There was a time that the only way people can escape from poverty was to apply as a call center agent to earn a higher salary than most office-based jobs offer. Sadly, everyone thinks working at a call center is not a real job, as mentioned in the story shared by

A newly-graduate took to Facebook her disappointment about how her friend (now ex-friend, she said) belittled her and the call center agents in general when she asked how to apply in one.

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According to her post, it “baffles” her when someone is insensitive and judgmental. In her post, she shared screenshots of her conversation with her ex-friend on how she can apply as a call center agent. See below for the full story.

It baffles me how some people can be so judgemental and insensitive. Seriously? I didn’t expect na aabot sa ganto since you’re my friend. Ex-friend pala. It would be much better kung mawawalan ng ganitong ka-toxic na tao sa buhay ko. Kaya kayo people, just please, don’t belittle others. Wag niyong ila-LANG yung mga trabahong gaya niyan because there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a decent job. Walang nag-aagrabyado and natatapakang tao. Lalo na at yung trabaho na yun ang bumubuhay sa inyo. HAVE SOME RESPECT AND BE GRATEFUL INSTEAD. I just can’t deal anymore with the twisted minds of some people. Hay. I pity you. IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE REAL STORY, DON’T JUDGE, DON’T SAY ATROCIOUS THINGS, BETTER SHUT YOUR MOUTH NA LANG 1f609????

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See the full story here.

Antonette wrote another post as a follow up on this story. She said, she chose to keep her friend’s identity as she is good friends with the elder sister. The elder sister, on the other hand, understands what Antonette wrote as her sister needs to “learn a lesson.”

Remember, who you are, determine how you see everything. Therefore, if you see other people as someone without a goal, you are talking about yourself.

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