This “Game of Thrones” Theory Suggests Gendry Is WAY More Important Than We Think

The seventh season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has brought some interesting new additions to the show, including the return of Gendry, the blacksmith at King’s Landing who is also King Robert Baratheon’s bastard. As the series is soon coming to a close — with season 7 being its penultimate season — several fan theories have come forward, with fans speculating on how the show would end. Yet of all those theories, this one has to be one of the most sound.

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According to this one theory, Gendry may be a legitimate heir to the throne after all. How? By being the legitimate son of Robert and Cersei.

That’s right — Cersei Lannister could be Gendry’s real mother!

Remember in the first season, Cersei opened up to Catelyn Stark that she once carried Robert’s son, a dark-haired infant, who unfortunately died soon after. Fans are saying, however: what if the baby didn’t die after all?

A fan on a Game of Thrones forum posted this fascinating theory about Cersei and Robert’s baby:

“Cersei could have had a strong dislike for her son since she also had a strong dislike for his father, King Robert. She would have probably fancied Joffrey — or mainly a pure Lannister to sit on the Iron throne. She could have sent someone to kill the baby by poison, thus causing a fever that could have potentially killed him.”

According to Gendry, his mother was a tavern wench, but he didn’t remember anything about her except her blonde hair. What if that woman was Cersei, after all? Should this be proven true, this would be an interesting shakeup in the battle for the Iron Throne.

Do you think this theory is plausible? Let us know your thoughts!