This ‘Funland’ is a Food Park for All Kinds of Days

Photos by: Eunick Nobe
Graphics by: Verna Sevilla

Not much is concluded when I say that food parks have stormed the streets of the metro— it’s apparent, seeing that every corner of Metro Manila has one and no counter-argument has got to contest this. With the luxury of having an array of food choices, plus the standard of aesthetic interiors (exteriors, I mean), I think we all know that this food trend will rightfully stay a while. And it’s true, now that it has reached the vicinity of a food strip in Quezon City.

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The long stretch that is Fairview Dahlia-Regalado is home to fine eats and is a locale for great hangout spots—you’d know this if you’re from the north! Holler at the north kids, there’s a budding food park left for you to explore, and left for you to fancy over! What used to be the site of Backyard Food Park is now remodeled to a much livelier and colorful food hub. I give you, Funland Food Park.

Funland Food Park

Funland Food Park 33

Some of the food stalls that used to occupy spaces from the then food park are still occupants of the new food park. One of which, and is at the top of my list, is Wing It FVW. Their wings, apart from that it’s freshly cooked and juicy, are coated in bombs of flavor that will leave you craving more. We had both of the most staple flavors one can think of when chicken wings are referred to—barbecue and garlic parmesan. And let us not forget their homemade dips that round up a great chicken wings experience!

Funland Food Park 10

Not until when we dropped by Funland did we find the witty-est food stall name in the world. Kahit Ano? serves up crowd-favorite meals that will keep you full for the night. And did we mention how cute their dishes are? Take a look at this cute Peppa Pig stuck atop a… well, another Peppa Pig?

Funland Food Park 22

To get the shindig rolling, how about a round of mocktails or quirky juices to match your grub?  Well Juices is stationed at the far center of the food park, where all of the crazy drink combinations you can think of are mixed. All of their creations are a blend of sweet and tangy with a colorful flare from the chaste layers of juices that make up a colorful feast for your eyes.


Funland Food Park 4

Batten down the hatches folks! Nerfes will keep your hands dirty and your stomach full with their boodle bundles and all things grilled. Their offerings are easily marked Pinoy as their grilled eats are nestled and kept fresh on a banana leaf. The Wave, a true fete, is complete with grilled liempo, isaw and a salted egg-tomato combo on the side!

Funland Food Park 26

While the norm is pairing your spam and egg with rice and a little bit of ketchup on the side, this next food stall likes to keep your breakfast favorites sandwiched between buns. Getta Pound Burger serves over-the-top burgers that looks so appetizing it’ll make your Instagram feed. Here’s a suggestion to keep your gram game going: squeeze that sandwich until the yolk breaks—don’t forget to film it!

Funland Food Park 7


Here’s another food park staple: shawarma. Whether you like your beef or chicken wrapped in a pita or sitting on a bed of rice, Teba 1 Shawarma Express will surely keep you and your buddies munching and craving more. PS: you would want to get every component of the shawarma rice—this way, you’re taking the ultimate experience route.

Funland Food Park 12

Our shores are bountiful of fresh seafood harvest and one food joint in Funland particularly took advantage of this. Mr. Crab had us gushing over their butterfly squid. The squid meat was huge and sweet and the breading was light and crispy. By and large, it’s similar to the seafood delicacy calamares, as Mr. Crab’s butterfly squid is served on a stick so it’s quick to consume. And by quick to consume, we mean quick to ask for a round 2 (please)!

Here’s a food genre so familiar, it’s the perfect food park grub: tex-mex food. Burritos, specifically, are perfect for isolated eating—it’s full of flavor, precise for a one-sitting meal. Nachos, on the other hand, are perfect for sharing. But the way Senorita, a hole in the wall for tex-mex food, made and assembled their Technicolor Motion Picture Nachos—beef and cheese overload, you would want to just keep this to yourself!

Funland Food Park 18

Funland Food Park 19

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