This former TV dancer lost his job but opened up a food business–and everything’s delicious!

Craving for some delicious Filipino food? Look no further! Kusina ni RJHO will deliver! (Literally!) If you’re craving anything from pork tocino to garlic longganisa to chicken barbeque, they’ve got your backs.

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Kusina ni RJHO is run by a former ABS-CBN dancer, Arjay Pastrana, who lost his job when ABS-CBN had to shut down. Because of this, he revisited his love for cooking and tried it out again with new dishes that his wife and their friends and the people they let taste test absolutely loved. And we loved them, too!

Arjay was always a lover of cooking but his passion for dance had taken over, dancing for programs like A.S.A.P. and the like. It was a hard hit for them when the network was shut down so he dedicated his time to getting Kusina ni RJHO off the ground. Arjay fell in love with cooking when he fell in love with his wife and it’s sweet that the name of the business is a combination of their names–Arjay and Jocelyn (Jho).

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Their rellenong bangus was crisp and delicious with a great, flaky skin and moist meat inside. It definitely filled us up, as did the savory flavors of the garlic longganisa, my favorite. The longganisa had a strong garlic flavor that was hard to ignore, so if you’re a garlic lover like me, that one doesn’t disappoint. No wonder it’s a bestseller!

The chicken barbecue was sweet and savory and perfectly cooked. It was my ideal chicken barbecue–and they’re not shy with their serving sizes either. Kusina ni RJHO makes sure you get your tummy filled and happy. And mine definitely was.



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The embutido was just packed full of flavor and different ingredients–Arjay definitely doesn’t skimp here. It was so full that I was so full after. Aside from that, their breakfast staples like the pork tocino and the longganisa were the best starts to my day I could ever ask for. The tocino had a sweet outer layer of skin that was perfect and not too saccharine sweet while remaining soft and tender on the inside, a perfect balance of flavors. I can’t imagine starting my day any other way than with this tocino, the longganisa, and some garlic rice to top it all off. Delicious!

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Look at these yummy packed meals! We can’t wait for other people to try them out! The best part is you can order them frozen, too! Just ask!

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Arjay hopes to reach more people with his food and to let them rediscover the joys of eating delicious, homemade food prepared with love. We’re so happy to have tasted what he made and enjoyed every single bite! You should definitely reach out and order, too!

Kusina ni RJHO

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