This Filipino cadet is graduating with top honors from a US military academy

Pinoy cadet Don Stanley Dalisay has another feather on his cap, as he is set to graduate in the top 5 percent of Class 2017 from the prestigious United States Military Academy at West Point.

don dalisay top graduate us military

Before heading to the military school, Dalisay graduated with a degree in public health at the University of the Philippines Manila, and was a plebe at the Philippine Military Academy in 2012.

On the prominent US military academy’s Facebook page, it wrote:

“D.S.” [Don Stanley] is an economics and operations research major with a minor in grand strategy. Prior to West Point, he was president and top of his class at the Philippine Military Academy. Under a government scholarship, he received a degree in Public Health from the University of the Philippines Manila where he captained its nationally-ranked debate team. While in college, he served as municipal councilor in his hometown where he initiated youth development programs and infrastructure projects.

He interned at RAND Corporation and is currently an adjunct research consultant at the World Bank.

According to reports, Dalisay entered the military school to “fulfill his dream to become a soldier and subsequently become the country’s president.”

Watch out, world!

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