This EXO shop on Twitter accidentally lost their remote while packing orders and it was the cutest thing

Being an online shop these days means a little more business as everyone’s home and shopping online. It can be fun, it can be stressful, and it can even be hilarious sometimes amidst the chaos of packing orders and shipping them.

Well, this was definitely the case for @smssph, a Philippines-based EXO shop. Their bio reads “PH BASED EXO SHOP~ We provide affordable goods for phixos” and they operate on Twitter as their main platform for announcements and all.

On Friday afternoon, September 4, they tweeted something I’d never think a shop would tweet–and it was so cute and funny at the same time:

While shipping, they’d misplaced the remote and then only noticed later on. They took to Twitter to hopefully reach whoever would end up having the remote.

Eventually they did find the remote and it was with the rider handling the delivery. Things were resolved and business as usual resumed but not without a laugh from EXO stans and the people who witnessed the incident unfold on Twitter.

We hope you guys keep the remote safe! And more power to you! <3

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