This Eco-Friendly, Reversible Bag Will Give You Major Boho Vibes!

Words by Camille Geguera

Recently, I’ve been so into eco-friendly stuff. I figured patronizing such products is one of the simplest things I could do to be able to contribute in protecting mother earth. No wonder I instantly fell in love with the advocacy of Sáku. Their main goal is to lessen the growing textile pollution by upcycling used sacks. With the greater call to save the earth, here’s why you should get yourself your own Sáku bag:

4. It’s easy to carry anywhere.

For someone who carries a lot of stuff, Sáku is a trendy sling bag to use. I love that it is perfect for when I need an extra bag to put my stuff in! No need to buy those eco-bags from the supermarket because Sáku is sturdy enough to do the job. When I’m done using it for the day, I just fold and keep it. Sometimes I keep it in my backpack’s pocket just in case.

3. It’s made out of 98% recycled material.

All their bags are made out of used flour sacks. Each bag is handmade and handprinted with love, as well, but durability is also ensured in each tie-dyed bag. In 2016, more than 15 million tons of textile waste was generated in the USA alone. With reusing textiles, Sáku is contributing to the call of lessening solid waste that we generate here in the Philippines.

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2. It’s boho-chic.

Who says you can’t be fashionable and earth-friendly at the same time? Sáku comes in different colors that can easily add funk to your casual look. You can easily express your personality with this bag by picking from a variety of monotone and multitone colors. Not only that, the bag is also reversible! Just turn it inside-out for a new look. It’s also unisex so it is perfect for anyone!

 1. It’s locally-made by women and persons with disabilities.

The bags are proudly made in Cagayan De Oro, and is the primary source of income of a group of women there as well as people who are mute or deaf. I fell in love more with the bag as it serves two advocacies: for the earth and to promote a social enterprise which supports the local community.

According to Yuri Perez, the person behind Sáku, he specifically wants to help moms and grandmothers who have their own children and grandkids to look after. He also has a team of deaf/mute sewers which promotes a healthy working condition for people with disabilities.

Slowly turning to local green products is something that is honestly hard to do, especially since it’s hard to look for stuff locally. So it’s great to know that more and more start-up businesses in the country are now leaning towards concrete solutions to save the earth. By patronizing such businesses, like Sáku, we get to contribute to something meaningful.

Saku-Handmade and Upcycled Bags

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