This Driver Does The Right Thing When He Finds An iPhone 6 Plus In His Cab

Like what the netizen who posted the story on Facebook said, ” Faith in humanity extremely restored right now.”

More often than not, people who find a phone, let alone a spanking iPhone 6 Plus, would either keep it for themselves or sell it for a sizable amount of money.

Furthermore, it’s easy people to blame it on poverty, the economy, and the great need for money to buy food for their family. So it really takes a lot for someone to be fully honest and return something they just found.

But let us introduce you to taxi driver Rowel David of plate number AAW8606!

Honest Taxi Driver

Original post by Reijiro Sato on Facebook.

Today i lost my frigging mobile phone (iphone 6+) while i was going home.

I left it in a taxi here in Clark. So, after going online and doing “find my iphone” i saw it was moving along the highway (which confirmed it DEFINITELY was in the taxi). seriously. I wanted to jump out this 3rd story window to my death. I barely had the phone for a month. I clicked on “Lost Iphone” and put my friend’s number as a callback. The iphone stopped moving in the map eventually and lo and behold. Someone was calling my friend’s phone.

I picked up and explained it was my phone. He said he was going to bring it back. And you know what? he did. This awesome man. Rowel David of plate number AAW8606. Here he is posing with my phone when he brought it back. I gotta say. Faith in humanity extremely restored right now. As a favor, please share this post to let people know that there are good people in this country who are decent, honest, and noble.

Is your faith in humanity restored as well?

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