This cup noodle company developed ramen and curry for astronauts to eat–in space

All the space movies and cartoons I’ve watched have shown astronauts attempting to deal with their zero-gravity environments, things floating around and about. I always imagined it would be the same with food–how in the world do they eat? Especially soupy things? Do they eat those in space? Well if they didn’t before, now they definitely do!

Popular Japanese company Nissin (Cup Noodle) has created space ramen and even curry for astronauts to consume while in space. They’ve tweaked their formulas a little to make the food consumable in those environments, slightly thicker broths and all to keep them from swirling around uncontrollably. They created it so that astronauts floating in space would still have their comfort food even if they’re thousands of miles away from home.

Many astronauts would end up missing their favorite foods from home so this is definitely one way to still have that taste of home even if they’re super far off. Bravo, Japan!

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