This Crispy Chicken Sandwich Is The Mouthwatering Comfort Food You Need

Having a variety of go-to comfort food is super helpful, especially with the many stresses of daily life. In the search for comfort food that will instantly cheer you up during bad days? We highly and strongly recommend the crispy chicken sandwiches from Chick & Egg.

Chick & Egg is an online food venture that offers gourmet sandwiches. They specialize in unique sandwiches made from fresh and local ingredients.

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Chick & Egg was first started as a thesis requirement of fresh grad Juancho Sy. While a food venture was not his first choice for his thesis, Juancho shares with that the pandemic opened up the opportunity for him to start a food business.

Juancho reveals that their original crispy chicken sandwiches were born out of late-night cravings.


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“Every time I would scroll through my Instagram late at night, I would always see chicken sandwiches on my discover feed and it looked super enticing to eat, but there were not that many options on where to buy it,” he shares. With this, he decided to create his own sandwiches.

Chick & Egg started with two kinds of sandwiches. First was Juancho’s replica of the renowned Fairfax sandwich from the international sandwich restaurant, Eggslut. The Fairfax sandwich features fluffy and buttery scrambled eggs and perfectly caramelized onions—the perfect breakfast sandwich.

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Juancho then created his own Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich which offers a satisfying crunch that contrasts the fluffy bun of this sandwich. The crispy fried chicken is seasoned so well, and even if you don’t love the usual spicy dishes, this is something you might be open to.

Now, Chick & Egg has five different gourmet sandwiches on its menu.

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Their Chicken Parm with Kesong Puti was an instant hit because of the full flavors that you get with each bite. It includes perfectly fried chicken fillet, flavorful kesong puti, and a delicious pesto sauce. Believe me, this Chicken Parm with Kesong Puti is unforgettable.

The Chick & Egg Special is also a must-try. This sandwich combines the original egg sandwich and spicy chicken sandwich into one. It’s like biting into the best of both worlds.

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If you’re looking for sides to partner with your choice of sandwich, the Dirty Fries is your best bet. These loaded fries are definitely not like your usual loaded fries. The Dirty Fries includes flavorful season fries, caramelized onions, garlic aioli, fresh basil, and pieces of crispy buttermilk fried chicken. And yes, it tastes just as amazing as it sounds—with all of that flavor in just one bite, it’s truly an indulgent treat for your tastebuds.

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Craving for a sandwich now? They deliver around Metro Manila and other areas that are reachable by third-party couriers! Don’t worry about how far you are because their crispy chicken sandwiches are specially made to withstand the travel time.

Chick & Egg offers more than just your normal sandwiches that just fill up your tummy. The unique recipes, fresh ingredients, and varieties of flavors will give you a foodie experience you definitely deserve.

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