This Country Is Reportedly Suffering From a Bubble Tea Shortage

Bubble tea isn’t bubble tea without boba pearls.

Unfortunately, this means that bubble tea lovers currently living in the United States of America may not be able to get their fix as frequently as they do now that the country is suffering a shortage of boba pearls.

brown-sugar-milk tea

According to recent reports, companies are seeing delayed shipments of the pearls as well as the key ingredient, tapioca starch, which is said to be caused by the insufficient processing capacity of the US. These logistical issues will affect bubble tea makers nationwide and may possibly last for months.

Some stores are already experiencing the effect of the shortage. One store, in particular, told that they had to take out a certain flavor off their menu for the sole reason that they don’t have the ingredients to make it.

“Tapioca will be a luxury because no one is going to have it,” said Tommy Huang, the senior sales manager at Leadway International, one of the biggest boba suppliers in Northern California, to San Francisco Chronicle.

It is still unknown when the shortage will clear. Looks like bubble tea drinkers will have to cut back on their binge-drinking, or at least satisfy their craving with other kinds of sinkers, such as jellies and popping pearls.

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How would you react if you were told that there is a boba shortage in your area? Let us know in the comments below!

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