This Country is Closing Some Prisons Due to Falling Crime Rate Leaving Cells Empty

In the Philippines, we have heard of stories that say how crowded it is in our local prisons.

In 2014, GMA News aired a report that showed how 635 people were fit into a prison that has only a capacity of 121.

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Meanwhile, in another part of the world, the Netherlands specifically, their government is shutting down some prisons due to the downward trend in crime, which leaves many cells empty.

According to a post on, the Dutch government plans to close five prisons, letting go 1,900 jobs. From this, 700 of the staff will be given mobile positions but it is unclear what this means.

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In Netherlands, crime rate has been falling at a rate of 0.9% in the past years. Therefore, they expect around 3,000 prison cells and 300 youth detention facilities to be a surplus in five years.

Justice minister Ard van der Steur said that judges were imposing shorter sentences, which leads to criminals spending less time on average in jail. Additionally, serious crimes are becoming less common.

This is probably one of the most “first world problems” we’ve heard.

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