This Country Bans Plastic Plates, Cups, and Utensils


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This country has passed a new law that aims to make sure that all plastic plates, cups, and utensils are made from biodegradable materials and can be composted.

France passed this law that will be implemented in 2020. It is part of the Energy Transition for Green Growth, which is France’s ambitious plan to make a significant contribution in battling climate change.

Ecology groups agree with the newly passed law but some groups that represent European packaging manufacturers argue that this violates European Union rules of free movement of goods, according to a post on Independent.

Pack2Go Europe, an organization of European packaging manufacturers, said that it will pursue fighting this newly passed law. Also, they hope it doesn’t spread in the whole continent.

In the Philippines, there is a pending “Total Plastic Bag Ban Act of 2011”. It bans the use of plastic bags in “groceries, supermarkets, public markets, restaurants, fast food chains, department stores, retail stores, and other similar establishments”. Moreover, these establishments should only “provide recyclable paper bags and/or biodegradable plastic bags to its customers”. However, some local government units have already implemented this.

But what do you think if plastic ban with wider scope such that the law passed in France is passed in the Philippines? Do you think we need one? Will it be effective?