This Comfort Food Stall in Madison Commons Pasig is Too Good to Pass Up

Written by Jan Mary Pauline Dampitan
Photos by Eunick Nobe

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 Feeling a little bit down and need some good food to pick you up? Maybe you need to stress eat? Or maybe you just want some really good food to eat? Well, Daddy’s Favorite has you covered!

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The Place

Daddys Favorite Madison Commons 2

If you type out Daddy’s Favorite in Google, it’s going to tell you that it’s located in Brixton, Pasig (which is correct), but what it doesn’t tell you is that it’s located in Madison Commons which is a food park, so when you book your ride, make sure to search for that instead (just to avoid confusion, ya know?). The stall also opens up at 5pm and closes at about 12 pm, which are the perfect hours for your barkada‘s hangouts.

The Food

An interesting fact here is that the owner didn’t actually study culinary. In fact, he actually studied I.

T. but he decided to follow his passion and use his love for cooking to start up this business. So, is the food good? Definitely! You can totally taste the love and passion he has for what he does in his recipes. And what creates a better comfort food more than that?

First up we have Chicken Paps! Just like how they described it, “crispy on the outside, tender in the inside,” this chicken popcorn is definitely worth a try! You can choose from five flavors: honey sriracha, sweet garlic-soy, sour-cream kick, creamy wasabi, and buttered parmesan, or if you want it you can also have them plain (which is just as good).

It all comes served up with fries and the very noteworthy home-made honey mustard sauce.

Daddys Favorite Madison Commons 8Chicken Paps! Php 150-160

Next on the list we have Pork Belly Goodness, and let me tell you, that name is so not lying! The pork skin is crispy, the meat is tender, and the fat just melts in your mouth. What’s more to say about that?

Daddys Favorite Madison Commons 36Pork Belly Goodness – Php 250

Up next, the star of the show, the Omu-Lette Rice is a fusion of the Japanese omelette rice, and the well-loved Filipino tapsilog. It’s totally genius and also totally yummy! Even the cream and rice alone are so tasty you can eat them without the egg and tapa. There are also other varieties with ham and cheese, bacon and cheese, and tocilog. All of them are also good to serve up to two people.

Daddys Favorite Madison Commons 12Tapsilog Omu-Lette Rice – Php 150

The Disassembled Pares also deserves attention! Customers actually love this dish so much that they go back again and again to Daddy’s Favorite just for this dish. Its appetizing presentation is also a plus!

Daddys Favorite Madison Commons 21Disassembled Pares – Php 150

Last but not the least (drum roll please), the Pasta Plates! The Pasta Plates come in three different varieties: the Carbonara Ni Ate Aiz, the Chicken Parmigiana, and of course, if you love cheese and bacon, the Bacon-Eater Lasagna Rolls.

Daddys Favorite Madison Commons 30Bacon-Eater Lasagna Rolls – Php 180

So book that ride and get yourself to Pasig because all these good, appetizing food are waiting for you and they’re all too good to pass up! See you at Madison Commons!

Daddy’s Favorite

Madison Commons Food Park, 1 Brixton St, Pasig City
Facebook: @daddysfavoritemnl
Instagram: @daddysfavoritemnl