This clinic offers FREE online consultation to patients amid COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crisis came upon the world like an unstoppable storm, putting practically every corner of society and industry in a standstill. One of those industries is the medical profession, which found practitioners, and clinics like Dermaroma initially unable to move and struggling to help, monitor, and treat their patients.

Dermaroma, the Makati-based dermatology clinic headed by the husband and wife team of Emiliano Romano, CEO, and Dra. Rhia Gonzales-Romano, Medical Director, was closed due to lockdown. Then, they observed that their Facebook page, which enjoys over 1,600 loyal followers, was getting a lot of engagements. Emiliano then suggested that the doctor actively invite their patients, as well as other persons suffering from skin problems to consult with them online for FREE.

“As CEO & President of Dermaroma, the moment we heard of the lockdown I realized that we need to act quickly. Not only to help the business survive but also to support and sustain our employees as well as, be able to cater to our patients. Dermaroma was already partially online, but because of the current situation it allowed us to adapt and learn new beginnings to continue our help inside and outside the organization,” says Emiliano.

Patients from all over the country, and even from as far as USA, Italy, India, and Pakistan then started writing in to consult about everything from extreme acne vulgaris, fungal infections, allergies, and various viral infections. Suddenly, Dra. Rhia found herself having taken care of over 700 patients, all for free.

When the outside situation started to somewhat normalize, Dra. Romano decided it was then possible to reopen Dermaroma’s clinic in Makati to be able to diagnose patients much better. This was possible because Dermaroma is not only an aesthetic clinic but registered as an actual medical clinic. 

Of course, Dermaroma implemented strict safety rules upon reopening, such as disinfection protocols, temperature checks, social distancing, as well as the limiting of patients inside the clinic. Together with these measures, all staff members were provided with full PPE sets, along with face shields and masks. All employees were also transported to and from their homes by Emiliano and Dra. Rhia herself. Likewise, patients who were Makati residents were also provided free shuttle service to and from their homes to the clinic.

“It is our passion to help, and when the lockdown happened, we very were worried about all other patients that needed medical attention,” shared Dra. Rhia. “So a Medical practitioner it is in our Hippocratic oath to find ways to help our fellow man, despite a pandemic situation.” 

Find Dermaroma on Facebook and Instagram, or email them at

Visit or call at Ground Floor, Raman Condominium, 1130 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, 09175076538 & 0945 750 1119.

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