This Classical Concert Made Me Cry and Realize a Lot of Things

Article by Desa Desiree Tayting (@dsdsrtytng)

You might be wondering how a concert filled with acts sung in opera-style or classical music could make someone cry or inspire them, but on a Thursday night of Oct. 12, 2017 during a classical concert by Klassikal Music Foundation entitled “One with the Stars”, it did.

Admit it: you only know a few people who go to theatres and appreciate classical music. Most people nowadays prefer going to concerts of up-and-coming artists who sing other genres like pop, alternative, EDM, RNB, etc. Some even spend a lot of time and money just to score tickets for these artists’ concerts. In today’s fast-changing music industry, fewer people listen to the hits of past decades or take time to applaud classical singers.

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I’m not a fan of this genre, either, and like most millennials, I usually tap on It’s A Hit playlist on Spotify more often than not. That night, though, my perception on classical music changed. After the concert, I downloaded theatrical songs and found classical pieces really interesting! Here’s why and how.

George T. Yang, KMF Founder graces the opening of the concert

KMF or Klassikal Music Foundation is a scholarship fund that provides assistance to deserving students who are financially incapable of pushing through with expensive music degrees. The person who founded this foundation and brought these kids closer to their dreams is no other than McDonald’s Philippines’ Founder and Chairman George T. Yang.

I think the lights of the stage cannot equate to these scholars’ brightness as stars.

The concert showcases KMF scholars centerstage as they put a grand twist on some of the most enjoyable songs ever written. They performed their own renditions of contemporary tracks, including songs inspired by the musical “Fame”. The show was broken into six segments and as one of the audience members that night, I must commend how they consistently kept me delighted throughout the show.

This is them singing “Every Breath You Take”

The boys sang “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” and “Every Breath You Take”, and it felt like being serenaded. I caught myself smiling! This also happened when they performed “Versace on the Floor”. Imagine how it made the rest of the audience kilig – Bruno Mars’ hit sung in a classical way.

Listening to these scholars’ voices made me cry. They are superb!

I personally loved their rendition of the song “Colors of the Wind”. It made my childish heart reminisce about my love for Disney songs. As the chorus ran, tears started falling from my eyes and I actually can’t explain why. Perhaps, in the middle of a busy week, their voices singing one of my favorites somehow released this tough week’s stress. Plus, I was moved hearing some of their stories. I learned through some videos presented in-between acts how grateful the scholars of KMF are.

Yang, Mcdonald’s Philippines Founder and Chairman, performing his special number

Also, there were slides shown of Yang’s passion for music and how he set it aside to focus on his business. I didn’t know that the man who founded the iconic golden arches here in the Philippines is also recognized as one of the country’s most sought-after tenors! Stories about career versus passion always pinch something inside me because at some point in my life, I could relate to that.

It was inspiring to learn how KMF, a foundation he started 10 years ago, was able to help musically-inclined kids fulfill their dreams. That night, I also felt the generosity and love that was felt by the scholars. It made me realize that there will always be a way to make one’s dreams come true.

It’s an all-girl act for ‘This Girl Is On Fire’

If only I could say it louder during the scholars’ performance of “This Girl Is on Fire” and “Chandelier”, I would’ve screamed a big wow. These young classical performers really deserve loud applause! I can’t imagine how they reach such high notes.

Darryl Ong in his heartfelt performance of ‘How Did You Know’

Moreover, it was also a great delight seeing a familiar face. Darryl Ong, a renowned local singer graced the concert as a special guest. He performed “How Did You Know” and I felt like crying again.

The group’s performance of the hit ‘Despacito’ makes me feel like dancing, too!

During the last two segments, I think two of the highlights were Yang’s performance with another scholar of Amigos Para Syempre and the whole group’s amusing version of the chart-topper Despacito. It’s not always that the founder sings in a special number and the latter was such heavenly voices making the audience elated. This is no wonder, as they have perfected their skills through training with the finest voice teachers from the top local conservatories. I agree that they deserve to penetrate the country’s, or even the world’s music industry.

Their final bow signals the end of a delightful show.

That night was not only just a celebration of how long KMF has been founded; it was also a celebration of talents and dreams coming true, as well as the continued support given to the scholars. There was also one quote shown in the slides that appeared remarkable to me: “Real talent that is true and good sees more than how far it has gone, sees more than the promise of its future but turns to look back and never forgets its past”, and it left a smile on face as I stood up and brought this heartwarming experience with me at home.


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