This City Has Banned “Uncivilized Behavior” Like Men Baring Bellies In Public

The Chinese city of Jinan in Shandong province has released a notice banning various acts of “uncivilized behavior” since it was “seriously affecting the image of the city.” One significant part of the ban is to disallow men from rolling up their shirts to expose their bellies, which is termed as the “Beijing Bikini” by expats. Such behavior is known as common in the area, and other parts of China, especially during the summer months.

beijing bikini

Other acts which are part of the ban include going barefoot or airing out feet, spitting, littering, and cutting the line amongst others. It is not explicit what the punishment is should any violators be apprehended. However, the notice warned heavily against engaging in this behavior in highly public areas. Parks, public squares, buses, scenic spots, and business areas, in particular, should be avoided.

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Reactions towards the ban have been mixed. Some citizens support the move, saying it is impolite to expose so much of themselves in public. Others commiserate with the men, asking what else could be done with the heat.

Do you think something like this should be applied in the Philippines?